Wuthering Heights 1970 1080p Full Movie

This romantic drama concerns two star-crossed lovers who are half-brother and sister to each other. Catherine (Anna Calder-Marshall) is the daughter of the lord of the manor who falls for the brooding stable boy Heathcliff (Timothy Dalton). When Heathcliff leaves to seek his fortune, he returns to find Catherine has married the local magistrate Edgar (Ian Ogilvy). The story is told by the beautiful blonde servant girl Nellie (Judy Cornwell), who narrates at the beginning to set the stage for the picture. Hindley (Julian Glover) is Catherine’s older brother who tries to take over the house and land after the death of their father (Harry Andrews). When his own wife and child dies, a drunken Hindley gambles away the family holdings to the opportunistic Heathcliffe. Filmed in England, the scenery is spectacular but this version lacks the foreboding, shadowy drama of the 1939 original starring Merle Oberon and Laurence Olivier.

Wuthering Heights 1970
Director: Robert Fuest
Starring: Timothy Dalton, Julian Glover, Ian Ogilvy, Anna Calder-Marshall, Hilary Dwyer, Harry Andrews

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46 thoughts on “Wuthering Heights 1970 1080p Full Movie

  1. Anna was so beautiful… from soul to skin. She had & still has that je ne sais quoi that makes a great actor/actress… mysterious… the age-defying apple of our eye.

  2. In this version the main character is neither young nor beautiful, and that squeaky voice when she calls for Heathcliff. Heathcliff is gorgeous, but acts like a total creep. In general, a far cry from the novel.

  3. Catherine and Heathcliff in all wuthering heights versions are like one heart divided in two bodies. That is why they cannot live without the other. In the book is the same too. OBVIOUSLY!!!!!!!

  4. Not fair for Edgar, I feel sorry for him ,he is such a good husband,Cathy shouldn’t have treated her husband that way, a cheating wife , no excuse , I don’t pity for her and her lover at all😡.wicked woman

  5. Beautiful version, even with straying from the book. I've read Wuthering Heights many times, a favorite since my early teens, and for me, Anna Calder-Marshall is the only actress who completely captures the spirit and character of Cathy Earnshaw. Timothy Dalton is my favorite Heathcliff as well . Both he and Calder-Marshall are superb in this movie. For their portrayals of my beloved Cathy and Heathcliff, I can overlook the liberties taken with the story. It's just too beautiful for any complaints, and the music is so haunting and lovely. Thank you for making it available.

  6. One thing that has pissed me off in this version (as well as two others) is the scene of Heathcliff striking Cathy. There is even a quote by Cathy herself that says “..you’ve never harmed me in your life” when speaking to Heathcliff so I cannot fathom how anyone could even think he’d harm a hair on her, given the way he loves her and idolizes her. That was one of the redeeming things about him remember? He’d inflict cruelty one everyone EXCEPT her, more than once he considered himself to be her slave and thus would suffer anything at her hands but would die before he harmed anyone she deemed worthy of her affections let alone harming her. It really dampened my love for this version since Timothy is EXACTLY how I’d pictured Heathcliff when reading WH.

  7. People in the comments are saying this isn't exactly like the book, so maybe she's different in it, but based on her portrayal here, I don't like Cathy at all. She seems so opportunistic and shallow and then bemoans that she can't be with her one true love, as if she were a helpless pawn of fate. Cut the drama, girl. YOU'RE the one who chose a rich husband over the man you had real feelings for, and so you got exactly who and what you married. That's karma.

    And P.S., good gods, was Timothy Dalton gorgeous as a young man!

    Edit: I just finished reading the book yesterday and I hated Cathy throughout the whole thing. She's at best a genuinely shallow, spoiled brat and at worst an outright sociopath who uses emotional manipulation and threats of "making herself ill" to get what she wants. Either way, she's a bitch.

  8. Thanks for the upload mate, a good adaptation as far as you get the storyline. But there are some stories that cannot be condensed otherwise you miss all that was meant to be felt and unfortunately this adaptation is one of them. This book kinda demands the respect to made into an epic and I felt it when I watched the 1978 adaptation with Ken Huthison and Kay Adshead, it truly is a masterpiece on all levels, Ken's Heathcliff is brilliant, so dark, sadistic, passionate, obsessive, loving and haunting. Emily Bronte… what a brilliant mind and author to pen such a powerful novel of our human spirit.

  9. I feel so sorry for Cathy. She wants to give her heart completely to Edgar because she knows he’s the right choice but Heathcliff has such a strong psychological power over her that she can never truly be free of. Masochism truly is a monster.

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