Witch vs Evoker – Minecraft Mob Battle

Minecraft Witch vs Evoker battle. Who do you think will win? The results may surprise you! Let the battle begin.

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28 thoughts on “Witch vs Evoker – Minecraft Mob Battle

  1. Witch is cheaters…

    Only them mobs who's can healing themselves

    Witch: healing themselves 😏

    Other mobs(that not Ender dragon or Wither): This isn't fair!! 😭😭😭


  2. How to make witches fight each other:
    Step 1: push them all into a 3 x 3 pit
    Step 2: push your wolf into that pit too
    Step 3: punch the witch so the wolf will target it too
    Step 4: walk out of range and see the witches fight

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