WHAT A TOWN! | Town of Salem Ranked Game Video

~ Town of Salem has the ability to frustrate me, but also the ability to bring me sidesplitting laughter. This is a fun Town of Salem Ranked game with some really fun Town of Salem commentary! I hope you all enjoy be sure to like the vid!

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40 thoughts on “WHAT A TOWN! | Town of Salem Ranked Game Video

  1. Lucky… you got a good game ;w; I had a game today when we had a game throwing townie (I was maf though and it was funny but a bad game nonetheless) they claimed sheriff, with invest results that weren’t even correct, then when we got them on the stand they said they were doctor, and when we hung them the were escort. SO. CONFUSING.

  2. Janitors if the maf get rid of all of the evidence including tbe identity. Getting rid of everything would be too op so the role is good enough

  3. i dont want this to come off the wrong way but.. you basically didnt do anything besides confirm jailor (which jailor doesnt really need) Honestly pretty boring to watch, it was almost like you died N1

    (no hate though, still a great game!)

  4. Hey Skimm! when do you normally play Town of Salem so I can play with you? I live in Melbourne, Australia and I do not know where you live so please do the time zone converting and stuff. Thanks skimm

  5. I love all these noobs that think skimm has "great deduction" HAHA ya in skimms BELOW AVERAGE elo, the mafia practically give themself away 😀

    I played on a friend's account in gold elo.. I was jailor. I executed 3 maf in a row, scumread witch and NK, and spam jailed the last maf for a draw (one of town was throwing). Soon after, that account got banned for cheating HAHAHHA

  6. i once played a game were a witch controlled a vigilante 2 times to shoot mafia. finally the witch just made the vigilante kill himself. Mafia was extremely salty! it was funny lol

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