This is a clip from a twitch stream. Won’t normally be uploading these but this was so special I thought this was required,

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  1. My greatest game was when I was a hypnotist and claimed rt transporter
    Normally that would’ve gotten me killed but my mafia killed off the most the town before being killed by a vet and a jailor
    So it was just me and 2 other rt roles but I was confirmed with the jailor and backed up by the spy’s will
    So I was the only confirmed rt and the other 2 were trying to get me to vote the other up while I killed them in the night
    Man do I love hypnotist

  2. Minx, I have had a game that ended d2. 1st night, all but 4 people quit, and one of those 4 people was killed by mafia. I was in jail, confirming me as town, and someone tried to Rb me in jail. The jailor told me their name, so I knew who they were. I whispered the other 2 people for their roles, as there was confirmed escort and jailor as the only other town. One claimed escort, the other sheriff, so I told town in whispers that the sheriff claim is defiantly mafia, and as soon as voting started we killed him. Try getting faster then that

  3. I have actually had a quicker game. It was an All Any game, and no evil roles spawned. As such, the next day, Town won with no one dying, as there was a survivor and salty as Hell jester who, of course, didn't win. Everyone was baffled at the odds. I still didn't think that was possible until then. The odds were improbable, but not impossible, it seems.

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