[PS4] BlazBlue ChronoPhantasma Extend JPN ver. Gameplay

Graphically the game looks like the PS3 version if played in 720p but if you do play in 1080p the character models are slightly bigger but it’s good to have this game on XB1 & PS4.

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22 thoughts on “[PS4] BlazBlue ChronoPhantasma Extend JPN ver. Gameplay

  1. this is why i only brought the add on characters and music for the original version because i know there would be a extend version. also i have seen both ps4 and ps3 game play tbh i don't see a graphics differents can someone help with one will be better to get ?

  2. I'm Mixed about this Release, I did buy the ps4 version after the original 2007 game was my only buy, though I rented the other games as they came out.
    I must say, I did just buy Guilty Gear Xrd and Skullgirls Encore 2……so I'm really mixed.
    I love the content, This game is massive in terms of a fighter, story, modes and extras are all over the charts with this game. The fighting is perfect now, still a little defensive for my tastes but that is opinion, a fighter has to be either arcady, Technical, Defensive or offensive. This one is more Defensive, and perfect now with all the tweeks.
    But it's so sad to see a 17gb download for what is clearly, a 2007 fighter. The sprites look horrid at 1080p on the ps4. The backgrounds look the antialiasing took a massive shit before passing out drunk……and really….story mode is just static artwork with moving lips, after the epic painting artwork of skullgirls encore 2 and the breath-taking polygonal story of Guilty Gear Xrd. This game is clearly ten years old and showing it on all sides…yet the content is so good if you are a fan of the series.
    Massive load times, Static artwork stories, Twice the file size of Guilty Gear Xrd //Xrd is 6gb and BB is 17gb// Looks like shit on an HD TV past 480p. Using a 2007 Fighting Engine…..Usually I'm not so picky to notice these things, but it's almost full price and when it is the price of Guilty Gear Xrd which is a full Sequel that makes everything better looks great. Then add the fact that SkullGirls Encore 2 for PS4 is 24.99 and looks better and plays technically better/faster loading, 1080p sprites, glitch free and small file size// you can start to see why I have to bring these things up…like it or not, Content is epic but this is a patch work DLC collection that was lazily ported.
    So I'm rather mixed, if you are on Vita, my bitching shouldn't matter cause that system is limited, but with Guilty Gear Xrd showing off even on the PS3. I can't say it's worth 49.99 when it's this old of an engine, even with all the content. I bought this game and hope they will be doing a full change on the engine. Cause after seeing 480p sprites on my ps4….I'm a little insulted, luckily, the great modes and content has made me happy enough I don't feel I got ripped off, just feel I payed too much.

  3. this game is beast glad didn't bought no dlc on the original version because I knew there was going to be an extended and the story is great and thanks for the game comparison because first match I had with computer got dominated but you last better than me kind of shocked by your game play

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