Minecraft Hunger Games Map: The Survival Games Ultimate (+ DOWNLOAD!)

An awesome Minecraft Hunger Games map! Please help us by sharing this video, and giving it a like! 🙂


Direct dl link (in case PMC is down):

Co-built with Holyninja:

After having the time of my life playing in Vareide’s Minecraft Hunger Games Maps, I decided to create my own.

Music: Five Armies from

Also the new Catching Fire Hunger Games movie was awesome!

Hope you like the Hunger Games map! 😀

Nguồn: https://game3.vn/

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40 thoughts on “Minecraft Hunger Games Map: The Survival Games Ultimate (+ DOWNLOAD!)

  1. Daamn I found this finally 😀 Way back around 2014 when we were brats me&friends used to play so much on this map, I love it, so nostalgic! It was on a Hungarian client named EmpireCraft, not sure if it's hunger games server still there tho, anyways I wanna thank you for making it! <3

  2. Its a okay Map with Little Good ideas but Not really epic because with good world edit skills its Not a real Challenger to Build something like this (Show Maps of OPalien, Teweran & Co its much much better) no like no dislike you can Build but its like a really Standard sg Map sry for Bad english im german

  3. This map is boss! I love all of your maps SwipeShot! i was wondering if i could use this map on my server, i will give you credit, and i will show case it on my channel. Thanks- 

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