Mafia 1 Walkthrough ENDING – Best Ending in a Game EVER

Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven Gameplay Walkthrough ENDING. Mafia 3 has been announced and i’m doing a “road to” walkthrough starting with Mafia 1/ Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven.

Mafia 1 Walkthrough Playlist –


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43 thoughts on “Mafia 1 Walkthrough ENDING – Best Ending in a Game EVER

  1. This shit is amazing! My lord the death animations are hella perfect! No ragdoll system that makes you go flying everywhere and have pointless rag dolls. But question, what’s your most favorite game name 3 of em.

  2. I remember i was 5-6 years old and this was the first video game i got for my PS2. My mom thought she'd make it better by telling me the story was based on a true story and it all happened in her neighborhood , but when Paulie died i broke down and cried for 3 days cause i thought it really happened , so when Tommy died she said "oh that wasnt tommy that was his uncle, hence why they called him Mr Angelo and not Tommy " .

    A kid's innocence is a beautiful thing lol. Good times.

  3. And dead.. he was never.. sure that you wouldn’t forgive his death…
    — these words always making me cry… that’s the real friendship… Paulie and Tommy RIP

  4. Alright let me just explain a lot of people are confused on how Vito and joe kill Angelo alright in mafia 2 don salière told eddie to kill Angelo because he betrayed the family so it just showing in the future how they kill him and in mafia 2 that’s a little Easter egg

  5. Man i was probably 10 when i played this. It makes me so nostalgic and sad watching this.
    Best game i've ever played, and I remember how I felt, crying at the end even tho I didn't know understand the whole.
    If you were part of playing this game be greatful!

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