Mafia 1 All Cutscenes HD GAME

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34 thoughts on “Mafia 1 All Cutscenes HD GAME

  1. 29:11 is an amazing scene. This is exactly what happened to Tommy in the beginning and now he's doing the same thing to someone else. The music completes it. Beautifully dark.

  2. The developers would have never known at the time if they would make a Mafia 2, but seeing that end scene makes me wish that they had the Idea in mind to incorporate Vito and Joe in the end scene of Mafia 1 to make it connect better with Mafia 2. Considering it's the exact scene you come across near the end of Mafia 2.

  3. I think it’s cool how they managed to tie the first and second games together by putting Vito and Joe on a job to kill Tommy, which concluded both his life and the game itself. Gotta love that attention to detail.

  4. Mafia 1 and 3 are awesome.

    I don't like Mafia 2 because Mafia 2 isn't Mafia it's Errand Boy the video game.
    I hate being an Errand Boy for a bunch of disrespectful assholes.
    You never get anywhere in the game you just lose everything you worked so hard to gain and you end up in a smelly disgusting Apartment.

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