Infinite on Running Man.

Infinite on Running Man??

Yes this is just a fanmade video..I’m sure every Inspirit wants Running Man to invite Infinite as guests right? 😀

Personally I think that Hoya, SungJong & Sungyeol are awesome players. Hoya & SungJong have animal instincts while Sungyeol’s ‘screaming-while-running’ is simply priceless don’t you think? xD

Dongwoo is an awesome scout but he’s too gullible :/

Nevertheless, I hope Running Man will call all 7 😀


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48 thoughts on “Infinite on Running Man.

  1. Both L and Sunggyu were invited onto this week's running man. If you go on DramaFever's channel, there are HD full episodes with English subs
    Members from Girl's Day, B2ST, Sistar, and Mblaq were also guests, so wish fulfilled. /nods

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