how to draw lucy from fairy tale

hello people i have decided to make another how to draw video … the songs are San Cisco – Awkward and phoenix – 1901 ….. I DONT OWN THE MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO


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20 thoughts on “how to draw lucy from fairy tale

  1. Backs. And if you say something rude to me or my cousin again I will hack into your channel and delete it. By the way I work for the Google hacking system. So don't tell me that I can't. Please and thank you.

  2. Hey I'm her cousin I was going to comment on this video but after I saw all that crap. I feel guilty cuz I was the one watching the video and come up and say all of that crap about her that ain't fair. If you ask me you owe my cousin an extra big a apology cuz you have no right to blame and say a person that they can't draw cuz my phone was at the repair shop. And after seeing that crap you said about my cousin, I really feel like you should shut up and keep you bull crap to your self. And don't even say that well she started it first cuz only a scrub would say that. She stuff she's talking about is true. And she has her way of saying this is what going to help you draw. For heaven sake she is working as an apprentice for manga and anime drawing revision. You should be honored that she posted all of that on your channel. So shut up and keep your thoughts on others comment to yourself. Cuz I'm saying it nicely and one day in yo life somebody is going to kill you with your dumb come

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