How To Download & Install Custom Maps In Minecraft 1.10

This video shows you how to install custom maps in Minecraft 1.10, so you can start playing all kinds of different adventure, parkour, and any other kind of map you can imagine in Minecraft 1.10. With that being said, I hope you enjoyed the video. Please give it a thumbs up and be sure to subscribe if you did!

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About this video: Custom maps are an extremely old Minecraft past time. They allow you to explore new worlds and have much more fun than simply normal vanilla Minecraft can give you. Thus, in this video, I teach you exactly where and how to download and install custom maps in Minecraft 1.10. This tutorial will work for any Minecraft 1.10 map including those given out by YouTubers and Twitch streamers. If you want to install a map in Minecraft 1.10, this video teaches you how!

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  1. Hi guys, sorry for spam but i created this channel from 1 hour and I uplayed my first video "How to put a minecraft map into minecraft".

    Can you look at that and tell me how is it? 😉

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