HAPPY WHEELS IN 3D! | Guts and Glory [Download Link]

Guts & Glory Demo – Welcome to Guts and Glory! Guts and Glory is pretty much the 3D version of Happy Wheels. Try and beat deadly courses and not let Timmy…er…Jimmy die a horrible death by decapitation. LIKE this video because it’s gross.

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Guts & Glory Download Link (Windows):
Guts & Glory Download Link (Mac):
Guts and Glory Download Link (Linux):

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Nguồn: https://game3.vn/

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29 thoughts on “HAPPY WHEELS IN 3D! | Guts and Glory [Download Link]

  1. I just d/l this and whoever programmed it must have hard-coded the file references because apparently putting the folder on your E drive confused it when it's looking for the data folder on the C drive. It should just use relative references but I guess kids don't know how to code these days.

  2. I found it funny how Ken didn't realize there were mines in the end of that last level he played (I didn't notice them either until he pointed out) and when he did, he propositally run over them. xD

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