Dota 2 Cheater – VOID SPIRIT with FULL PACK OF SCRIPTS!!! 7.23

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25 thoughts on “Dota 2 Cheater – VOID SPIRIT with FULL PACK OF SCRIPTS!!! 7.23

  1. Yea most of these morons who don't think this is actually cheating didn't even watch the introduction to this when he was creep blocking off camera, but I guess the pros can do that nowadays too in this broken game.

  2. Мусор на спирите, без -кд(Вещь нейтралки), с камнем и без блудстона ару… бкб собрал когда еле встревает в бои против 5 персон, ПОНИМАЮ.

  3. Any gaming keyboard has macro that can perform that exact "script". Look… I'm not trying to defend him just stating a fact that a simple razer macro keyboard can perform the same thing

  4. it must be that invoker who submitted this video. it's not a cheat at all. he is using "quick cast". his combo's are not even perfect. I play invoker a lot. I have a lot of games played with him. I have muscle memory and can use sun strike or my other combos right on time cause I have that practice. this video is simply BS. a crybaby uploaded this being a bad mmr and getting raped by people who actually has some skills. sad.

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