Best zombie games for PC

When it comes to classic movie monsters, only one shuffling star rules the video game roost: the humble (occasionally brain-nibbling) zombie.

Here are the top 10 zombie games on PC.

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33 thoughts on “Best zombie games for PC

  1. Hey wicked gameplay with a lot of quality!

    The way you play it feels like a movie, it's cinematic!

    There is a really cool game that u'll probably like called ''Diacrisis: Lost in Hell''.

    It has a solid single-player story about zombie-apocalypse and good graphics too!

    You can play it through the Official Website:

    It's already half way developed and you'll one of the firsts to stream it – Thanks!

  2. Resident evil 4 is not with zombies. Villagers or ganados are infected with las plagas but this is not a zombies virus. They are controled by Sadler because of this virus.

  3. I fInd all zombie games failling in few areas.
    1. Unlimited zombies. I would like to see a fruit of my labour, not spawned new and new enemies, that just suck. One thing is some big city, when it can be excused, but if you are in countryside numbers and spawns are totally unrealistic and misplaced.
    2. Combat is too stupid most of the time, without any combos or different striking techniques, so it gets boring very fast.
    3. Weapons are not there yet either and they are idiotic. In real life you would not go to kill zombies with short distance weapons. You would want to steal of build weapon like halrberd, spear, quan dao, scythe. If was situated it in europe for example, going to steal long swords to castles or museums would be essential, and some medieval armor would not be bad either actually. Another forgotten and highly powerful weapon is rope dart, but instead of rope 2-4 kg iron ball and rope. It can behead you for quite a distance and you can find different crazy and funny stuff for creating it. That is how you kill zombie from a distance without guns and explosives. Yes close distance meele weapons have their uses as well, but those games totally forgot about long weapons and genial old stuff.

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