Best Mobile Games: Fast-action shooter looks like a console game

Best mobile games:
Xenowerk takes the dual-stick shooter to the next level with great action and amazing graphics.

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38 thoughts on “Best Mobile Games: Fast-action shooter looks like a console game

  1. Ok Cnet, first of all you've overextended. A LOT. You can't have one channel that covers everything because there is not a single person on this planet that is interested in everything. 

    Yes, I know that you won't stop shoving my sub feed with dishwasher and SSD videos, but please – at least try to get some reviewers / presenters that know what their talking about. The only person on Cnet that clearly knows his stuff is Brian Cooley. This reviewer is CRAP. Console quality graphics? Is this the first time he plays a mobile game?

    Might as well hire me to do reviews on different types of concrete. Yeah, you guessed it, I don't know anything about concrete.

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