Ascent Infinite Realm A:IR New MMORPG First Impressions "Is It Worth Playing?"

Ascent infinte realm / A:IR is a brand new steam punk MMORPG that’s currently in beta in South East Asia, this game was initially revealed late 2017 with a trailer and features an action targeting hybrid like combat system, mounted and vehicle combat, the choice between 5 classes, 4 races and 2 factions and is made in unreal engine 3 with the developers being Bluehole, the makers of TERA.

What are your thoughts on Ascent Infinite Realm A:IR so far based on your experiences or from what you’ve seen in this first impressions? does this look like an MMO that’s actually worth your time or will it be another bless online in 2019? let me know in the comments below!

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—Ascent Infinite Realm A:IR Wiki Description—

Ascent: Infinite Realm is an upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Bluehole and published by Kakao Games. The game has a steampunk-inspired aesthetic, and will be focused around aerial combat and Realm vs Realm combat, with players using airships as their primary mode of transport.

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Ascent Infinite Realm A:IR MMORPG First Impressions “Is It Worth Playing?”


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47 thoughts on “Ascent Infinite Realm A:IR New MMORPG First Impressions "Is It Worth Playing?"

  1. well dynamic looks like Anthem should be from the beginning, but i like how you are not limited in this game and the fact that you can fight and damage bosses on whatever part of their body.

  2. Your character doesn't look like it could one hand wield that huge hammer.
    You don't look like you could solo kill that dragon. As poor chances as I vs an allosaurus.
    Oh yeah, an Asian MMO. Forget what I said. Nothing makes sense, that's the tradition. People love stupidities, right?

  3. I actually detest what you call 'impactful' battle mods and animations, and always turn them completely off, including the garish and pointless flashy decal junk. If I wanted something at all, it would be to be able to actually cut them open, cut parts off of them, or burn them to ash with my magic skills. I don't give a flying flip about a lot of confusing, disorienting flickering lights that just keep me from clearly seeing the opponent, correctly judging distance and angle, knowing when to dodge and/or when to strike, because, that is all they do for me. They are zero thrill, really annoying, and really just make it harder for me to do my job of efficiently killing the mob.

  4. me in BDO: "can't imagine what endgame gears looks like in this game, it's gotta be pretty cool"
    me much later in BDO: "it's a fucking ghillie suit… are you fucking with me"

  5. I just dont want anymore F2P mmorpgs hopefully it's subscription based or if need be B2P. This way there's no monetization and with a steady flow of income there's better support and more of a focus on keeping a steady flow of meaningful content like expansions not focusing on cash shops and microtransactions like it's with F2P systems.

  6. Lazypeon comes from BDO, this new mmo will be published by kakao, enhancement system and store are similar to bdo so they share publisher and monetization model, you can google what i say, and you'll find more info. SO if complains about BDO are in order this mmo will share them.

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