【Utsu-P】Self-Hanging Monster (DOLL)【English Sub】

Self-Hanging Monster

Something is swaying me, Such as
(Living, Necessities of life, Salary, Appearance, Love, Fortune)
Like dogs or cats, I’m living only for Existence
(Desire for sex, Sleep, Food, Existence, Recklessness)

Darkness melts in my eyes, My body gets hot and I start to shake
At the time where I give up every day, Where did my ambition go?

The sounds of a monster’s footsteps, It’s coming to invite me
It can’t stop, Stopping would be useless. Would it be good to die if I exposed my shameful self?

I’m still making a stabbing motion, All alone
(Dreams, Hopes, Ambitions, Desires, Emptiness, Despair)
I haven’t decided to keep going or to give up at the end, It’s not too long (until)
(Imagination, Delusion, Illusion, Fantasy, Creation)

I’m where the entrance to hell is. I’m worn out, smiling while crying
What can I get my hands on? I’m bleeding out So what remains?

The monster’s scream, It’s coming to attack me
Even if I look forward, Even if I look the other way, There is no escape from that monster
“Suicidal impulses”

This impulse, There is no escape, Keeping control is ineffective. I take the rope And my tears come out
Force through, Memories fly, My eyes become bloodshot, And rot away
Memory, Record, Destruction, Dying out

I don’t know anything Except to shake around
There is nowhere for me to live, I guess I already knew that

When you lose to the monster, You are defeated, but you also win
「One more time」 is Never going to happen Since the beginning I’ve been falling all alone
If that’s the case, Let me know What my purpose in this world is
Without anything else, I didn’t die. So I go forward proudly with my chest puffed out. Self-Hanging

Ah、another failure。

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